Roller Hockey League Info & Updates • Round Rock, Texas

Congrats to the Flying Dutchmen for clinching the Season 3 Round Rock Roller Hockey Championship!!Congrats to The Flying Dutchmen for clinching the Round Rock Roller Hockey Season Three Championship!

If you are interested in registering as a player for Season Four (Draft Sept 24 / Game 1 Oct 1, 2019), hit the button below and get signed up. Once you register and pay the season’s dues you are GUARANTEED a spot in the Season Four draft!


2019 Season Four Registration is OPEN…

Season Four is going to be FULL! If you are interested in playing in Season Four you should register and pay dues early as we will run out of open player slots quickly. All registrations after the roster is full will be moved to the wait list. Register NOW!


Season Three Playoffs Start Sept 10, 2019 @ 7:30pm

Season Three consists of 6 competitive teams playing on Tuesday nights for 10 weeks with games starting at 7:30 every Tuesday night.

Season 3 League Stats

Season Four Stick & Puck Sept 24, 2019 @ 7:30pm

Season Four Draft Sept 24, 2019 @ 8:30pm

Season Four Game 1 Oct 1, 2019 @ 8:30pm


2019 Season Four registration is OPEN!

Register for Season Four with the button below.


A little more about Round Rock Roller Hockey…

Round Rock Roller Hockey is an open to the public community club of recreational adult inline hockey players in Round Rock, Texas. The game schedule for Season Two will consist of B/C league games at 8 pm and 9 pm on Monday nights and A/B league games at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm on Tuesday nights at the Rock Sports Arena in Round Rock, TX (Google Map). Both the A/B and B/C leagues run for 10 consecutive weeks; 8 weeks of league play plus 2 playoff games. The club runs leagues continuously throughout the year and you can register to play at anytime throughout the season with the understanding that mid-season registrations will go on a first-come-first served waiting list.

Our adult league, sometimes referred to as a Beer League, is a broad mix of skill and experience levels currently spread across 8 teams. We welcome and encourage anyone and everyone in the Austin metro area who wants to play in an organized roller hockey league to join us regardless of your experience or skill level. Some of our players are life-long hockey players. Many of our current players are also ice hockey players. Other players might bring less experience, but everyone gets to play and enjoys the camaraderie and the competition. We all love the game and love to play it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The updated FAQ section provides a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our club. If you have questions regarding equipment, you can find those answers in the FAQs.

Round Rock Roller Hockey is located inside Rock Sports Arena in Round Rock, TX.

• Goalies Play FREE •

If you are a hockey goalie and would like to play in the Round Rock Hockey League use the Contact Form (here) to get in touch. We will gladly get you in the game. Goalies play entirely FREE!!

2019 Season Three (the Summer league) is one league playing on Tuesday nights. When we register enough players, typically after the Summer season, we will expand back into 2 distinct leagues.

We have TWO distinct adult hockey leagues. We have a spot for you regardless of your skill level!

A/B League – The A/B League is comprised of skilled hockey players. Our league administrators coordinate with players, refs, and team captains to assign a loose skill level to each player during the Stick & Puck and throughout the season. When it comes time to draft teams, the team captains will draft the A roster and as many B players as the A/B League has spots for. The remainder of the B players will be drafted into the B/C League. The members in the A/B league are players who have been playing hockey for a long time; a lot of them are also avid ice hockey players; many of them play in multiple leagues (our roller league and ice leagues); many play in competitions like State Wars and Echo Tournaments. The A/B League is comprised of highly skilled hockey players.

The A/B League plays on Tuesday nights with games at 7:30 and 8:30pm starting April 23.

B/C League – We split the club into two leagues in order to give everyone who wants to play ample opportunity to not only play, but to also be competitive within their league; nobody rides the bench. The B/C League is comprised of club members who did not draft into the A/B League. Let’s put that into context…A lot of our club members are professional adults with families and other responsibilities that might have played hockey as a kid or a teenager, but who have not played in quite some time. That’s quite the contrast to the kind of hockey players in the A/B league. The B/C League is the perfect level of competition for most of us less experienced adult players. In reality, this means that we have a place for everyone regardless of your skill level. Haven’t played in 20 years? We have a significant number of those players currently in our club. Know how to skate and love hockey, but don’t know much more? We have plenty of similar hockey players currently playing also.

The B/C League plays on Monday nights with games at 8 and 9pm starting May 6.

There have been changes made to the club’s payment policies…

The club’s season dues in 2019 will work differently than in prior seasons.

  • League dues paid PRIOR to Draft Day, or Pre-Season Payments, will remain at $170 for the full 10-week season.
  • League dues paid after Draft Day will increase to $190 per 10-week season.
  • There will be a $20 drop-in/substitution fee per player and per game.
  • We no longer allow club members to make partial payments for club dues.
  • We require payment for the season in one complete payment with cash or through Venmo.
  • Round Rock Roller Hockey has a firm No Refunds policy. We do not issue refunds of any kind, for any reason.
  • Players making full payment at time of pre-season registration will have an automatic and guaranteed spot in the draft.

• Goalies Play FREE •