Adult League Payment Options

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2020 Season One Wait List



Payment Information

Club dues are $170 if paid prior to January 2, 2020 and $195 if paid on or after January 3, 2020.

Club members making full payment at the time of registration are guaranteed a draft spot first.

Round Rock Roller Hockey does not issue any refunds.

Round Rock Roller Hockey processes hockey league payments through Venmo.

If you are on the waiting list and team spot becomes available mid-season a league administrator will contact you about prorated club dues.

Round Rock Roller Hockey charges a $20 per game Drop-In rate for both current club members and waiting list players that want to play as a substitute.

Payment must be made prior to any participation in any hockey season.

The Venmo payment links below are posted for your convenience. If you want, or need, to send league payments through your Venmo account directly, Round Rock Roller Hockey is listed as RRRollerHockey.

Registration is closed at this time.

Required Equipment

You must have…

  • Inline skates suitable for playing hockey
  • Hockey shinguards
  • Hockey gloves
  • Hockey helmet
  • Hockey stick (no rubber street blades)
  • Elbow pads
  • Hockey jersey / Roller hockey shirt
  • Suitable pants/shorts
  • Groin protection
  • 2 hockey jerseys – one light for home team and one dark for visitors team

Optional but recommended equipment…

  • Hockey skates designed specifically for playing roller hockey
  • Breezers
  • Helmet with shield or cage
  • Mouth guard
  • Roller hockey pants

Waiting List? Let Us Explain…

Once a season has started it can get really difficult to add players to the league without a current player dropping out. Teams are drafted before the season starts and that draft creates purposeful team placements according to the team captain’s draft choices. The club also books rink time based on the number of teams at the time of the draft and, due to limitations with the schedule for Rock Sports Arena, we can not modify that schedule once the season starts.

So when we receive new player registrations after the season has started, and the draft is completed, we put those players on the current season’s waiting list.

If a current player, let’s say a solid A player in the A league, decides to drop out for some reason a league administrator will consult the waiting list and try to find another solidly A player replacement since that was the team captain’s choice of skill level. The waiting list is a first-come-first-served list of waiting players. So the first A player on the list will get the open slot once they have paid their club dues (when requested by a league administrator).

We will not place an A player in the B league, or vice versa. We make a concerted effort to keep the skill levels competitive at all time, to the best of our ability.

But What Happens In The Next Season?

When the season rolls over and we get ready to draft the next one, we combine the current club members roster with the waiting list, divided by skill level, and produce the draft pool. Only paid members are included in the draft pool.

If you were on the waiting list last season, chances are you have a spot in the next season…as long as your club dues have been paid accordingly.

Lately our club has been growing significantly and we have been adding teams, splitting the league between skill levels, and adding more game nights at Rock Sports Arena to accommodate the larger scale of the club. Because of the way the arena is utilized we have to set our schedule, game dates, and play times prior to the 10 week season’s draft. This give us the opportunity to pull more, if not all, of the players on the waiting list into the upcoming season’s draft and schedule teams and games accordingly.

So don’t sweat it too much. If you are on the waiting list you are in the right spot. We want you to join us and enjoy our club so we are always working to get everyone into the game.

You could be called upon to provide a temporary substitution if a team is in need. A league administrator will contact those players on the waiting list that let us know they are willing to play as a sub.