Frequently Asked Roller Hockey Questions

The Most Common Questions

When does the season start?

A season runs 10 weeks and the leagues play continuously throughout the calendar year.

Where are you located?

We play all of our Round Rock Roller Hockey league games inside Rock Sports Arena in Round Rock, TX.

The address is 3918 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock, TX 78664 – Google Map.

You might find Austin Sports Arena on some Google searches. The arena staff is aware of this and working to get the new name and brand aligned accordingly. The physical address above, as well as the physical address on Google, is correct.

How much does it cost?

The 10-week season dues are $160 and based entirely on the cost of renting the arena. You can find more details about registration here and payment details as well as installment options here.

What equipment do we need?

You must have…

  • Inline skates suitable for playing hockey
  • Hockey shinguards
  • Hockey gloves
  • Helmet with shield/mask
  • Hockey stick (no rubber street blades)
  • Hockey jersey / Roller hockey shirt
  • Suitable pants/shorts
  • Groin protection
  • 2 hockey jerseys – one light for home team and one dark for visitors team

Optional but recommended equipment…

  • Hockey skates designed specifically for playing roller hockey
  • Elbow pads
  • Breezers
  • Roller hockey pants

How often are games?

The current schedule is 3 Tuesday night games every week during the season. You can see the current season’s schedule here.

How long is a season?

A season is 10 weeks in total. 8 weeks of league play and 2 weeks of play-offs.

Can girls play?

Absolutely. We strongly encourage anyone and everyone who wants to participate to lace up and skate with us. We allow teenagers 14 years or older to skate in the adult league. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender or skill level.

I’m not a great player, can I still join and get to play?

Yes. We are a very mixed league in terms of skill level. We encourage anyone who can skate and has any hockey experience to join us, regardless of how long you have been playing or the level of your individual skills.

What is the minimum age to play in the adult league?

The minimum age for any player in the adult league is 14. We currently have quite a few teenagers, ranging widely in age and skill level, playing in the adult league. A teenage player has all of the same requirements, fees, and expectations of any adult league member.

Can I join mid-season?

Yes…however, we draft teams at the beginning of the season with a concentrated effort to end up with teams evenly split between all of the skill levels in our league. Joining mid-season is certainly acceptable and we encourage you to join us as soon as possible. After you fill out the registration form a league administrator will contact you to discuss team placement.

Payment Questions

Do you have payment plans?

Yes. The 10-week league dues are $160. You can find more details about payment options here.

Is there a group discount?

Since the club dues are based on the cost of renting the arena, there are no standard group discounts offered at this time. Please contact a club administrator using the Contact Form here if you have a large group interested in joining.

Is there a sibling/family discount?

We do offer family and sibling discounts for youth leagues.

What is your refund policy?

Round Rock Roller Hockey does not issue refunds or any kind or for any reason.

Do you offer any league discounts?

At this time membership discounts are only available to youth players on a needs-based and first-come basis. The club dues are entirely based on the cost of renting the arena.

Equipment Questions

Are there showers?

No, there are no shower facilities at this location. However there are restrooms and locker rooms available.

Do you rent equipment?

No. We currently do not provide any equipment of any kind (other than game pucks).

Season Related Questions

Is there open play?

Not at this time.

What is the format of the league?

According to Urban Dictionary, our adult league is a Beer League even though we don’t do any organized drinking afterwards.

Our players are a huge mix of skill and experience levels ranging from some playing hockey since childhood to others that can skate but have little hockey experience.


We strive to provide an opportunity for everyone who wants to play to join us, play the game, and enjoy the sportsmanship, camaraderie, and competition that a recreational adult sports league can provide.

Can we request to be on a certain team?

Yes, you can request to be on a certain team. However there is no guarantee for specific placement as the club administration does make ample effort to keep the teams evenly split in terms of skill and experience level in order to provide for an enjoyable experience for all players.

How long are the games?

One hour.

General Club Questions

Is this place, Rock Sports Arena, the same as ASA?

Yes and no! Round Rock Roller Hockey is located inside what was once called the Austin Sports Arena. The arena has been rebranded as Rock Sports Arena. The address is 3918 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock, TX 78664 – Google Map.

You might find Austin Sports Arena on some Google searches. The arena staff is aware of this and working to get the new name and brand aligned accordingly. The physical address above, as well as the physical address on Google, is correct.

Do you have drop-in times?

Not at this time.

Do you rent the rink to others for games?

The rink is available for rental through the Rockin’ City Roller Girls.  You can contact them through their website here.

Can we bring in outside food?

Yes, outside food and drinks are welcome.

Is there food available for purchase?

Food is not available for purchase at this time. There are quite a few fast food and fast casual dining options available the immediate vicinity.

Is there a water fountain?

Yes, two actually!

Do we have to sign a waiver?

Yes. You must sign the league’s waiver before you will be allowed to skate.

Do you have tournaments?

We currently schedule 1 to 2 tournaments annually. Use the Contact Form here to be notified of upcoming tournaments and special events.

Do you offer lessons?

Hockey and/or skating lessons are available.  Please use the Contact Form here and a club administrator will be in touch with details as soon as possible.

Is there an entry fee to watch games?

No. Please bring your friends and family and enjoy a game!

Youth League Questions

Currently we do not offer a youth league and do not have plans to do so in the near future. We do allow teenagers aged 14 years or older to play in the adult league. The current season has quite a few teenagers actively participating in weekly games.

Round Rock Roller Hockey Club Rules & Regs

Round Rock Roller Hockey Club is a Beer League inline hockey club that generally follows the standard rules for inline hockey as established by the Inline Hockey Association (IHA) with minor adjustments to suit our league.

Round Rock Roller Hockey General Rules and Regs…

  • Games are played with 5 on 5 teams, 4 skaters and 1 goalie per team
  • Goalies are independent and rotate between teams and games
  • Game length is three 14 minute periods
  • The clock continuously run and will ONLY stop for timeouts or injuries.
  • A tied season game ends in a shootout
  • Penalties will be enforced using the IHA rule book
  • No offsides are icing is called for inline hockey
  • Fighting results in immediate ejection from game and possible league suspension

Player Conduct and Responsibilities…

  • Good sportsmanship is expected from all club members at all times
  • Players are expected to support their team and be on time for games
  • Player should communicate with their team captain for absences or issues
  • Club membership payments should be made promptly
  • Round Rock Roller Hockey does not issue refunds of any kind for any reason